"Sickcare" system isn't working

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


Did anyone read Thursday’s “Local Voices” page?  Dr. Steve Prentice wrote what I thought was a great piece about health care reform.  He said our health care system is really a “sickcare” system.   And I must agree… It is! 

text-autospace:none"> Many insurance plans will pay for preventative tests once a year or every other year, but what does our health care system really do to help people prevent sickness or disability?

text-autospace:none">Not much. 

text-autospace:none">I also like his analogies when he said:  “We must also be willing to take responsibility for ourselves and not leave our health in the hands of the insurance companies, employers, government.  We must be willing to invest a little toward our own well-being.  We don’t expect our car insurance to pay for new tires, oil changes and new wiper blades for our cars…. We shouldn’t expect the government to provide those things either.”  Then he goes on to say:  “In the end, it will be our individual lifestyles and choices that will determine the future of healthcare in America because the healthcare crisis will not be solved by the government.  The fundamental shift by consumers away from symptom- based health care and toward prevention and self-responsibility is the only way to lower costs, lower medical utilization, and improve health, save money.”

text-autospace:none">Think about it!  How much would it really cost to insure our society if our culture adopted a system of peer pressure to be in our normal weight range, limber and flexible?

text-autospace:none">If we were a people who had a strong muscular-skeletal system into our golden years and a decent aerobic capacity, to boot?

text-autospace:none"> What if it was a social norm for Americans of all ages to walk daily — at a good clip —for an hour?  Could our employers, the government, or the individuals afford to purchase health insurance if this were the American human condition? Yes.

text-autospace:none">I don’t know who said it, but let me close with this thought:

text-autospace:none">“Every time you act irresponsibly, it requires me and someone else to become more responsible in order to compensate for your irresponsible behavior.”