FIT CHALLENGE: Johnson mixes up her routine

Oct 11, 2011


This past week I decided to change it up a little. I asked FIT Challenger Jacob Mohr  if I could come and work out with him at Bodi n Balance. He invited me to attend the BOSU class he takes. We got together Thursday morning and had a good time.

I also met Trevor, Jacob's trainer; he actually taught the class. Jacob and I decided for me to come back this week to take the BOSU class along with the "rowing class." Trevor told me if I like spinning I will also like the rowing.

I know it may seem weird to work out with a competiter at his gym, but truth is everything helps. Changing up your routine and trying new things with different people keeps things interesting. I am trying to learn more and more every day. Jacob, Troy and myself might be in a competition but at the end of the day we are competeing against ourselves for ourselves. The prize is an additional year gym membership, but we all won when we were selected.

–Natalie Johnson

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