Seeking assistance rescuing a Canada goose

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I spoke at the Shoreline Park church service Sunday morning.  (Thank you Pastor Lenore for the invitation).  I talked about the God-given gift of conscience, and how we all have it and how it steers us to do what is right.

Following the church service I had two teens (not locals) come and tell me what was on their conscience.  You see, they were about to board a bus and head out to Detroit along with 60 other youth to do some Christian community service and wouldn’t be back.  But what they witnessed was troubling — downright distressing — and they felt compelled to tell somebody, with hopes that this “somebody” could do the right thing.  

They saw a Canadian goose with a hook and fishing line wrapped around its bill and its wing, struggling to free itself.  I said I would do what I could and tell the “proper authorities”  (whoever that may be).   Relieved to hear my news, they thanked me profusely and said how much better they felt about boarding the bus and leaving.

 Well, I did what I said, but was unsuccessful in my quest.  I called Back to the Wild.  They explained I am about to embark on a “wild goose chase — literally." Injured geese are very hard to catch.  I was told if I was successful I should bring it in and they could treat it. 

 So, I recruited my boyfriend to help me.  We got in his car, brought with us a sheet, an extended handle fishing net and a dog carrier.  After a half hour, we had no luck.  How this injured goose made it to the water bound up in fishing line was beyond me …. But he did.

 Then along came fellow blogger Jason Werling with his very obedient duck-herding dog, who is also quite a swimmer.  This dog went into the pond (on command) to try to shoo this goose our way so we could catch it.  After an hour, it was clear we were not going to catch the goose with less than eight people.

 So here is my plea… would eight to 10 people who are lovers of animals be willing to monitor Shoreline Park about 9- 10 each morning to look for this tangled goose?  If all eight to 10 of you are there at the same time, you will need to surround the goose in a circle to capture it.  You’ll need a sheet, fishing net, and dog carrier.    

Any takers out there?  (Please say yes!)



Jason Werling

I will bring my dog back out there for another swim. She loves to swim and herd the geese, it's the bath later on that she's not too fond of.