What Would You Say You Do Here?

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Always wondered about the part highlighted in red...


Whenever I hear a public official say, "I don't know" and it's not quickly followed by the words, "but I'll find out for you" I'm reminded of the scene in Office Space where the about-to-be-fired office worker is summoned by "The Bobs" (the company's efficiency experts) and asked the infamous question:



Karl Hungus-Mr....

What do you think about the Register broadcasting live from bars like Shifters, but not broadcasting City Commission meetings, the Police use of force talk and other notable community events that many of us cannot make it to.

I would think that the Register would be on the side of us citizens that want to be educated and try to make a difference.  Not those that go out drinking on a Tuesday afternoon.