Slow and steady...

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010


I just seem to keep plugging along at a slow pace as far as weight loss is concerned.

My workouts continue to go well but it is so easy to slip back to old eating habits – especially when you know you are burning calories with the workouts. My total calorie burn for my 5 workouts last week was right around 4000, which is the highest since I started working out.

One of my workouts with Trevor, a leg workout, was almost 1200 calories and my other workout with him was almost 1000, so I am feeling pretty good about that part of the program.

I continue to struggle with my evening meal and snacking in the evening and on weekends. My strength is steadily increasing and I feel like my balance and overall body control have improved quite a bit.

My cardiovascular condition gets better all the time and my heart rate recovery is improving which allows me to get more exercise in the same amount of time. My clothes are fitting better and my muscle tone, especially in my legs, has increased noticeably.

I have reached the halfway point as far as weight loss is considered and I know I will have to do better to with the nutrition if I am going to reach my goal by the end of December.

I am planning on hiking the Grand Canyon early next summer with my son and would like to have the weight off in time to actually train for the hike so I can completely enjoy the experience without worrying about whether I can make it or not.