We Don't Give A Hoot If Our Internal Investigations Seem Legit

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


You know you did a double take when you walked by the newstand and saw the bikini-clad babe above the fold...

The SR doesn't give a hoot!  And that's probably why they ran another photo of the bikini babe after the contest was over to tell everybody that she didn't win!

I couldn't help but check the online edition to see what kind of demeaning comments were made about this young lady.

Not a single comment!  (But only because they were disabled.)

It's tough not to agree with the above reader.  Is it okay for the Register to run the picture - because it's attention grabbing - but then disable the comments because they think they're doing the young lady a favor by preventing the demeaning catcalls or the overt sexual comments to the Hooters Girl's fabulous body that she puts on display for everyone to see?

Recall the pensive words of Nick White so many months ago as the SR struggled over their commenting policy:

I have to agree with Nick on this one.  Leave those comments up.  Let's illuminate the fact that in the privacy of our homes where nobody knows our identity we'll make disgusting, demeaning, horribly despicable comments about a woman's body after she poses seductively in front a camera to show us her goods.

Let's continue this trip through the contradictory and bizarre world in which we live by exploring the teased story right above that immodestly displayed fabulous female body:

Followers of local drama know that the Dave Hahn and Brittany Harrington story has been going on for years.

Long story short:  Local student participating in ride-along program with Sandusky cop molested by cop in police substation.  She confides in local high school teacher.  Teacher "defends" her.  Starts relationship of own with said student.  Parents of student become mortal enemies of teacher.

How did the relationship with the cop evolve?  Let Harrington tell it through this youtube video posted so so long ago:


Now that the saga has reached a type of conclusion, the Register is able to look back and summarize the story of the Hahn/Harrington relationship with a timeline: 

 Throughout this entire ordeal Hahn denied ever having a sexual relationship with Harrington.  Hahn now admits the relationship - but of course this alleged sex happened well after the initial drama that landed him in hot water so I suppose it "doesn't count."  [eye rolling.]  Harrington claims that the sex started well before Hahn does.

Back (literally) to the substation:

You'll remember the recent article about the SPD re-opening the same community substation in which the offenses against Harrington took place:

Hopefully this time the substation won't be manned by a single cop at a time - and he won't be allowed to have young female visitors sitting with him during his shift.  I'm sure that the SPD will get the right man for the job, because you know what they say:


When Harrington sued the Sandusky Police Department and the city of Sandusky, she named Kim Nuesse as a defendent only because she had been newly hired as Sandusky Police Chief. 

Being the incoming police chief and concerned with the department's image, Nuesse orders an immediate review of all complaints made against SPD officers to establish whether a pattern existed.  (Sounds like a pretty smart thing to do, no?)  This review included complaints of "rudeness," profiling, racial comments, and excessive use of force.  This report had been the first of it's kind in the SPD!  (That in itself is a good enough reason to get rid of this Nuesse character!  Who does she think she is trying to improve the department's image?!)

For unstated reasons, local law enforcement is now interested in reaching out to the community on the use-of-force issue. They've set up a forum which will take place on Tuesday at Sandusky High School:

My question to the SPD would be:

How do we know that internal investigations are legitimate?  How can the public be assured that internal investigations are not tainted by personal relationship within the department?

We're all human beings and we all make mistakes - but we're unique in that we can learn from our mistakes. 

Are we?