FIT CHALLENGE: Keegan isn't as tempted by junk food anymore

Oct 4, 2011


Well my wife sent me a picture of all the junk food my daughter and her friends consumed during their sleep over the other night. I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at it.

It used to be tough to have that kind of food in the house, but I'm passed that phase. I am a lot more disciplined now. Not only because I shouldn't eat it for the contest, but I just don't feel good after eating that kind of food in excess. Don't get me wrong I still treat myself to some goodies now and then.

I am happy to say I weighed in at 250 pounds on Friday, meaning I lost the 10 pounds for the month. This lifestyle is becoming more of a routine and I am benefiting from it.

Now let's get started on the next 10 pounds for this month.

–Troy Keegan

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Great for you Troy.        Keep it up.