Little Birdies, Boats, Bureaucrats and Hooters UPDATED: The Birdie Is Back!

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


A year ago, the Save Our Shoreline Parks viewpoint was derided as "unworthy of credibility" in the pages of the Sandusky Register:


...but now it seems that the Register is giving them ink and access.  Which is nice to see, of course since they're viewpoint is not only valid - it's rooted in more principle than the "pragmatic" situation based viewpoint held by the majority of city commissioners.  The SOSP guys were asking questions that couldn't be answered - because if they were answered, the public's stomach would've turned.

Tim Schwanger isolates the case against the yacht club in Monday's Register:

A few weeks ago a little birdie landed on my shoulder:

The birdie then explained pretty much everything SYC spokesman Jack Runner explained to the commission at the last meeting:

Then the birdie made fun of the city for assisting the unproven pie-in-the-sky chasin' dirty birdie Chester Eymann.

Which is all fine and good, but Schwanger makes the counterpoint:

"Who's responsibility is it to help the SYC?"

Should taxpayers be forced to give up public property because the club has overextended itself financially?


Skimming through the back-and-forth beneath the Tone/Yacht Club decision:  The worst thing anti-corruption zealots can spout every time a judge in Erie County makes a decision is that he is somehow 'corrupt' just because they disagree with his decision.  It's a great way to discredit people who work for public accountability.  After awhile, anyone who uses the word "corruption" to accurately describe corrupt practices in the court system gets lumped in with nutcases who see "corruption" everywhere they look.  Way to go.  Who are you actually working for?



Why do people believe that legislators are most qualified to give advice on how to grow the economy?  If you wanted advice on how to strengthen the economy - right down to the nuts and bolts - who are you going to ask? 

Seriously.  Who would you ask?

a.  Dennis Murray  (attorney/politician)

b.  Marcy Kaptur  (lifetime bureaucrat)

...or somebody like...

c.  John Hoty  (successful real estate developer)

d.  Dick Kinzel  (CEO of billion dollar company)

Hint:  The correct answer isn't Murray or Kaptur.

Nevertheless, newspaper reporters run to the lawmakers as if they're authorities on the economy. 

[Sigh]  It's so funny reading what they say as if they're authorities on the free market.  When a reporter seeks their viewpoint they're reinforcing the idea that legislators are the foremost authority on economic development.  They're not.  As a matter of fact, local businessman could probably share many stories about how government stood in the way of economic development - not enhanced it. 

Take for example the stalled/delayed ODOT West End Grade Separation Project.  Do you think that if a private developer were in charge of that project it would still be in the planning stage?  I don't think so.  It would be done by now.  The explanation is incentive/motivation.  Government workers have no incentive to move a project like that along.  They still collect their paychecks.  But in the private sector, paychecks depend on results.

BTW:  Would love to hear Mr. Murray's ideas on how to "improve" the public education system.  No doubt he'd delve into the financial side while ignoring the fact that the curriculum is churning out mindless automatons incapable of innovation in this age of innovation.

Extended:  Benefit of the doubt.

Maybe he'll send out a shiny pamphlet to taxpayers explaining how he's going to do it...

UPDATE:  The little birdie is back...

No, no, no. I've always got time for the little birdie...

Whatcha got?

Thanks, birdie.

All right.  Whaddja think of the rest of the blog?

And then off he flew...  Those little birdies are always welcome here, I tell ya...

Oh wait.  He's back.



Karl Hungus-Mr....

The Yacht Club gave me a free boat ride for can find the video here

Bryan Dubois

Yes, that's awesome Karl  (eyes rollin')  I think we've all seen the Lonely Island's "I'm on a boat" music video.  For anyone who hasn't seen it (all three of you) be sure to click on Karl's hyperlink and leave a note thanking Karl for sharing it for the 17th time...

Karl Hungus-Mr....

No, No, No.....the correct comment is....."But Karl there is no way that boat was from the Yacht club, everyone knows that minorities are not welcome there".  Because of this there is no way that T-Pain could have been on a boat that launched from the Yacht Club, or any Marina in Huron.


Glag to see you're back, 411. I missed your insight.

Bryan Dubois

Thanks man.