Running toward my goal

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


I’m back on the weight-loss track. When I weighed in on June 8, I learned I had gained about 6 pounds from the last time I had stepped on a scale. Yikes! I'm happy to report that after three intense workouts with Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness in Perkins Township and two workouts on my own, I'm am down four pounds.
On June 15, I start training for an upcoming 5k that Ken so kindly signed me up for. Ken said I have to run at least one of the 3.2 miles. I have not ran since grade school. I'm kinda excited to see how this turns out.
I'm meeting with Ken three days a week and I'm working out on my own two days a week. I take Thursdays off for myself. This week, I took Sunday off also since I was in Sandusky.
I'm looking forward to filling you all in about my workouts in my next blog next week.




Hi Kristin, this is Erin from high school, i've been following your blog since the start, congrats on all your success!  What 5k are you running? Good luck with your training, I'm sure you will do great!


Just a thought................Maybe we can get a bunch of people to run in the 5k with you. I told Kistin I would run with her,  Anyone else interested????  Lets all join Kristin in this wonderful new road she is on.


Kristin---I bet you will run all 3.2 miles of that race!!!

Love, Sheri