Who will care for you and at what cost?

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


We all feel immortal to some extent or another as long as we have all of the signs of good health. But, what if your health should leave you before you leave this earth?   

Do you know who will care for you? Do you know what it will it cost? How will you pay for it?

If you haven’t given this issue any thought, you should. Especially if you are middle aged. The probability of your peer group outliving the Ohio Medicaid budget (Medicaid – is health insurance for very low income) is pretty darn good.  The national average for nursing home care is $70,000/year.  To have care in the home five days/week at 20 hours per week is around $20,000/year.

May I suggest that you start educating yourself on the topic of long term care – should you ever need it.   

On Thursday, there will be a public forum entitled, “Understanding Medicaid and Long Term Care:  Who’s Going to Pay & Why.”  A forum is a dialogue – a place to ask questions and get answers.   

It will take place at the Erie County Office Building, (downtown), 3rd floor, 247 Columbus Ave., Sandusky.   

The forum starts at 10 a.m. and concludes at noon. The speakers will be Valerie Rimboch, Medicaid Caseworker, Erie County Dept. of Job & Family Services; Ben Lindsley, Long Term Care Insurance Agent; Michael Brumbaugh, attorney and counselor at law.



bill ney
Sue: Put Your Name in The Ring. The city of Sandusky needs your wisdom and boldness.                                                             We have talked...........Cobbwebb123

Not to worry!

Once Obamacare takes over the queue for medical care will ensure that seniors do not get timely enough responses and so far more will pass away at an earlier age.

So, this reform will help both medical treatment, medicare coverage, and social security!

Hope and Change, ladies and gentlemen! It is here.

Anyways, Medicare would be a more apprporiate topic, since it is more of an issue than Medicaid for long term care. I think you are confused, Sue. If so, then you'd fit right in with our other elected peoples.

Julie R.

I don't understand why everybody says Medicaid is for the very low income. My elderly, incompetent mother had to be put in a nursing home for nine months before her death and she certainly was not low income.  She had over $300,000.00 in an irrevocable trust for 4 family members plus my stepfather had five times that amount in their joint names. He was told he would have to spend down $90,000.00 of their JOINT ASSETS (which was the  ceiling cap for married couples no matter how many assets they had) for Medicaid elegibility. But he didn't. Instead, unknown to three of the family members/beneficiaries my mother's trust (that my stepfather could not touch) was changed by fraud---and I do mean fraud. Most of it was done internally by an insurance agent and a manager of a local bank. He spent down $90,000.00 for his own benefit from the money that was stolen from the trust and the over $200,000.00 that was left went into joint bank accounts that were set up in his and his stepdaughter's name. How they ever got my mother on welfare Medicaid for the last few months of her life I'll never know. But attorneys are good at fraud----and attorneys were behind it.

Oliver Hardy

To Julie R.,

Maybe report this fraud to Medicaid of Ohio? Ohio is really hurting for money. Medicaid takes up a large chunck of Ohio's budget.

Julie R.

I didn't have to report it because Medicaid obviously caught it right away. According to the assistant to the Attorney General (Marc Dann at the time) the $19,000.00 for 3 months of MEDICAID FRAUD was paid and the case was closed.  He claimed he didn't know WHO paid it and he couldn't even give me copies of the case file because the case was closed. (how convenient)

I also would like to mention that a letter I have in my possession from the Attorney General about the Medicaid fraud was addressed to the "Executrix" of my mother's estate---who just so happened to be the fraud attorney-in-fact named in the forged POA I found concealed in the Lorain County Recorder after my mother's death.

In my mother's REAL Trust and Will that was destroyed by her Erie County attorney and my stepfather her son was the executor. When I asked the assistant to the Attorney General what made them think that (name) was the "executrix" he said that's what the paperwork and the " Will"  said that was filed with Medicaid. (???)  Now take note that the forged Will filed two years AFTER my mother's death said my stepfather was the "executor". When I requested a copy of the "Will" filed with Medicaid he said the case was closed so he could not provide it.  (once again, how convenient)

The FRAUD that is going on in this stinking County is UNREAL. And that Attorney General's office is something else, too----at least it was when it was under the direction of Marc Dann.