Applause to Deidra Cole and the demands for transparency

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


Unfortunately for me, I missed Deidra Cole deliver her statement at the podium at city commission on June 8.  

I just read it on the FIrelands 411 blog. Phenomenal! That’s all I can say.

In fact it was so great, it’s worth repeating.

So how does one truly demand transparency — and then get it?  

Well, I suggest that we begin by understanding what transparency truly is. Transparency is much, much, more than reporting the basic facts or the basic process. It’s about openly disclosing — not disguising –– the motivation for the behavior/action taken.  

It’s sharing who is involved and why; it offers up the information of who stands to gain and who stands to lose; it’s acknowledging and respecting the fact that others have the right to know and ensuring the whole truth (which is different from the half-truth) is conveyed.

Is that really too much to expect from those in a position of public power? Remember this: Lies are told using statements of truth out of context. That is NOT transparency.  

That, my friends, is deception.



bill ney
Sue, does your current position negate you from being a city commission candidate? If not, Do it!

I agree, Sue. You should run. You would have my vote!

Rick Studer


Yes, I too would support MS. Daugherty for city council. I think she would bring a fresh perspective as well as a little backbone to the stagnant Sandusky City Council.   Of course as Hilary promised to limit Bill, I would hope the blogstress would leave Mr. Norman back at the windmill.   Good luck Sue!