Fresh start

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


I met Ken Cutcher, my new trainer on June 5. I was a little nervous and kinda felt out of place when I arrived at Anytime Fitness, 3104 Milan Road.

As I walked up the sidewalk to the door, I noticed two very fit and attractive females chatting outside the entrance. The ladies were very well put together in their designer workout gear. Here I am all frumpy looking in my white T-shirt and blue jogging pants. I have to admit, my nerves got the best of me when I finally entered to meet Ken. I slowly started to relax just about the time our meeting was over.

On June 8, Ken and I had our first official appointment, I showed up in my Harley Davidson workout gear because I had to show them I was able to get geared up for this ride I'm on for the next six months. I thought I looked pretty “bad ass” (laughing at myself right now, since I just remembered I had a chip clip holding my hair back.) My workout was good, calming and stress free. I meet with Ken again on June 10. I'm looking forward to our next workout and, hopefully, being down to 210 by July 4.




I am a member of Anytime Fitness in Huron and I know Ken.  He is a great personal trainer and he will not let you give he has good nutrition tips!!!!