Why All The Anger?

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Granted, Matt Kline has only been in Sandusky for a relatively short time, so he's not familiar with some of the city's issues.  He's right to be asking questions about why some people are so unhappy with city government - or government in general.

During his interview with the Sandusky Register, Kline explained that he received an overwhelming response from people who were upset with the Hamilton arrest.  They wrote from all over the country.  Kline spoke specifically of a woman from Tennesee who he described as "angry" with the city of Sandusky:


Kline apologized for his snarky email to Sharon Johnson.  That's good. 

While we're at it though, let's compile a list of reasons people may be upset with the city of Sandusky:

City officials seem to be