Dropping The Charges Against Hamilton...For Now

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Double talk, yes.  But the city won't be recharging Hamilton.  On that I'd bet money.

The stupid double talk means that the city is desperately trying to accomodate two viewpoints: 

1.  They are omnipotent government and can do whatever they please.  If they want to drop the charges, they can.  If they want to re-charge Hamilton they can also do that.   Saying they might consider re-charging Hamilton is their way of trying to maintain the image that they are the BOSS.

2.  They respect public opinion.  (They don't really respect public opinion - but they'll heed if they believe it will affect their power or ability to stay in office.)

Rest assured that the city won't be re-charging Hamilton - especially after Matt Kline vehemently claimed that Hamilton was only doing this for fame and not because cares about his community.  Kline was wrong about Hamilton's motivations and he was wrong about it being a staged photo op with the Sandusky Register.


Hamilton smiles and visits with city employees at an organized clean up in Sandusky over the weekend. 

As an aside:  Kline did an excellent job during his interview with the Register.  (All we saw was the footage pertaining to the Hamilton situation - but if he handled the rest of the interview the way he did during that portion, in a PR  sense - he did a good job.)

BTW, somebody clue this guy in:

joecitizen1 writes the above comment days after Kline is proven wrong about the media coverage and later reverses his viewpoint and admits that he could've handled the situation better.  JC1 consistently and blindly supports the wrongheadedness of city government.   Don Lee poked a little fun at him in this cartoon the other day - but JC1 probably didn't get it.

Which I admit made me a lilttle jealous.  Why can't Don Lee mention me in one of his editorial cartoons!?!  At least the stuff I say actually makes sense....most of the time...