The Commissioners Will Be Proud...

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


...of the following email sent from city manager Matt Kline to city resident Sharon Johnson and copied to all seven commissioners.  (Which is, incidentally, how it got released to the public.  The public owns Matt Kline's email account and we have access to all of his communications.)  The exchange is about John Hamilton and the legal quandry that Lynn Gast King currently finds herself in:  She's having a hard time facing the public for prosecuting Hamilton because he's got so much public support and the story hit national news.

Johnson asks Kline how Hamilton got charged if he actually never violated any laws or city ordinances, and she points out the fact that other volunteers are working in city parks without being charged criminally.

Here is how Kline responds to her questions:

Want some cheese with that whine?

Kline sounds a little upset at how this whole thing played out.  Earlier this evening I had a telephone conversation with him - and he told me that if he were aware of the circumstances at the time of the events, he would've gone out himself to talk to Hamilton.  That was about as close to an admission of a mistake that he's going to make.  I asked Kline what law/ordinance Hamilton broke - and he deferred to the city prosecutor.  Naturally.  But one thing Kline is sure of:  HAMILTON WAS NOT ARRESTED FOR MOWING THE GRASS!!

This part is interesting:

So Kline believes that the Register was in cahoots with Hamilton at the time of the arrest in order to capture the arrest on camera? 

I think we might be able to unravel the complicated matrix of lies encapsulating this nefarious plot against the city manager with...

...a simple phone call to SR chief photographer Jason Werling...

 There's nothing like good 'ole fashioned 'simple communication.'