FIT CHALLENGE: If you're sleeping, you can't be eating

Sep 20, 2011


Well, I weighed in today at 255 pounds before I worked out!  That's pretty good since I endured a bachelor party on Saturday. 

I've been pretty active and eating clean, which seems to be paying off.  But what has been really helping is I've been getting some solid sleep. I owe that to Tish for running the ship while I get my beauty rest. Sleep is essential for weight loss and if you're sleeping you can't be eating.

We are still on pace for 10 pounds this month and want to be down another 5 before Vegas softball tourney next month. Weight challenged people don't operate well in the heat so I need to lose some more weight and start tanning for the desert heat.

— Troy Keegan



Nike has been bringing quickstrike packs to their runners for a minute now, earlier this year we saw the both theFree Run+ 2 and the Nike LunarGlide+ 2 get City Packs. Looking for the hat trick,Nike Free Run 2, Nike is going in again with a collection based on metropolitan centers. We already gave you previews of both the NYC and Berlin versions of the Nike LunarGlide 3 and we're back now with a detailed look at the whole capsule. This one leans a little US heavy with 3 out of the 5 cities represented being American. Hit the jump for full images of each of the sneakers include in the City Pack as well as background info on the collaborating artists. Keep your eyes out for these at Nike retailers near you.