FIT CHALLENGE: Chicago doesn't derail Mohr's diet

Sep 20, 2011


The past week did not go as planned. I only went to the gym twice; once for a boot camp class with Derek Nimrichter and the other was a short upper-body and squat workout with Trevor Tieche on Friday.

I was still able to lose weight without going to the gym as much as I usually do, which is a good sign that after this is all over I can continue to live a healthily lifestyle.

I went to Chicago this past weekend and did much better than last time. I did have a cheat day, though, and even my mother was impressed with my food control. I made better choices and I walked more to burn off some extra calories and I worked out at the hotel gym, too.

I am on schedule with my weight loss and I feel a better about myself at times. We still have some time left in the competition  and I am excited to see what will happen next.

— Jacob Mohr



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