John Hamilton's arrest shows the world what Sandusky really values

Chelle Pletcher
Mar 23, 2010


Everyone seems to be chiming in with their opinion on Sandusky's grass cutting scandal. And I feel the need to put my two cents in. The story starts with 48-year-old John Hamilton seeing Central Park's grass over a foot tall. So last week he went out and did something about it. While he was mowing the park's grass, with his own lawn mower, own gas, and on his own time, he was arrested.
Isn't this a little extreme? Honestly, people. The guy was just being a good citizen. He set out to do what most people have failed at: make Sandusky a better place. Technically he was charged with obstructing official business and persistent disorderly conduct. But, really, that's not it at all, is it? What John Hamilton did — other than being a good citizen — was make the city of Sandusky look bad. He made our city look lazy, and pathetic.
If the city has enough people to send around to make sure that everyone else's lawns are cut, then why don't they have enough people to make sure that our city's parks are cared for? Why doesn't Sandusky put more effort into arresting actual criminals who are committing actual crimes?
As for the city supporting the charges being dropped, that makes me laugh. Of course they're going to want to drop the charges now. This story has gotten way too huge. It's given the city of Sandusky a lot of bad publicity. So now they want to play the understanding, sympathetic big brother.
I'm angry. I won't lie. This is the first time I've been ashamed to live in Sandusky. The entire country can now look upon our city as a pathetic society whose main concern is making sure that there are fewer good people — such as John Hamilton — on our streets. When I found out about this story, I felt such sadness. What a sad, small town I live in.
Matt Kline, you are the loser in this situation. Why don't you do something productive for Sandusky for once? If I was of the legal age to cast a ballot, and your position was an elected one, you would've lost my vote. Instead I'd probably write in someone who showed that they want to help my city at all costs: John Hamilton. He's already proven that he cares more about Sandusky than you do.



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Sadly Kline's is not an elected official.  We have no say, only the Commissioners do.  So, as long as we have 4 Commissioners that do not give two flips about this town or its people we are screwed.

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i agree with you


This just speaks loudly why we should go to a mayor ward system. We can get rid of a mayor but not a city manager. All the elected ward reps should be living within the ward they represent, but voted on by all the voters of the city. This would prevent favoritism by just the people within the ward. If everyone got to vote for all the ward reps then everyone could vote them out of office at election time.


Saw Hamilton's arrest mentioned in "The Week" magazine, which summarizes major events from around the world and is published internationally.  This story was mentioned under the column "Only in America..." which frequently highlights ridiculous lawsuits, court decisions, school policies, or stuff like that.