The Weight Of The Lawnmower Rests On City Prosecutor's Shoulders

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Speaking of 'standing on principle' check out this fence riding by city prosecutor Lynn Gast King:

That's an interesting concept:  "[law enforcement officer's] instructions need to be heeded, and there needs to be repercussions when they're not." 

So what if the law enforcement officer's instructions are legally unfounded?

What legal order did the officer give to John Hamilton?  The officer ordered Hamilton to stop mowing the grass.  Can a police officer legally do that?   If Hamilton wasn't doing anything illegal, a police officer has absolutely no right to tell him to stop what he's doing.  Most importantly:  Police officers do not enforce union grievances made by city workers! 

To support an officer and his supervisor after they make a bad decision to arrest and criminally charge is to send the wrong message to citizens.  It doubles the public relations damage already done by the arrest.  Also, the shredded trash issue should be overlooked, because if the city starts playing that tune, pictures of every piece of trash the city workers shred when they mow the park themselves will probably start getting posted.  The trash shredding happens all the time - and was probably only mentioned to bolster the complaint.

Lynn Gast King has a perfect opportunity to uphold the spirit of the law here.  It will be interesting to see how she handles it.  She could do the right thing and be considered  a hero!  (Or do the wrong thing so Charlie Sams still likes her...[fat lip]  boo hoo!)

UPDATE:  In today's paper:

I love Kline's bit about Hamilton causing a "larger mess."  On one hand Kline wants to protect his people - but in the process he forgets that he has a larger responsiblity to the citizens who employ him.

Give Hamilton a break, already.

The city is misusing the criminal justice system.  I'm beginning to wonder if they even know what the system is supposed to be used for.

And this is rich:

Gast-King might reconsider putting any stock in the public relations sense of any Sandusky police command officer - especially the chief who doesn't seem to get that there's more to police work than just, "Our officers told him to do something and he didnt' do it.  Our officers must then arrest him."

This is better entertainment than Desperate Housewives.


Karl Hungus-Mr....


To save face I think they will charge him, and tell him that if he pleads guilty they will drop all fines and jail time.  All of this in hopes that this incident will fade back in to the morass that is Sandusky.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

I just got back from Central Park.  I did not see any "scalped" areas of ground as Kline referred to.

So now that Kline has been caught in yet another lie I am sure that the City Commissioners, being the fair and unbaised leaders that they are, will suspend Kline for his apparent "inproper relationship with the truth". 

How long will they continue to back this lying, cheating, idiot?