Conan O’Mazing

Jason Singer
Mar 23, 2010


Sixteen years ago, a little-known writer for “The Simpsons” debuted his new show, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.”
With goofy hair, lanky limbs and a Harvard education, the inexperienced host stumbled his way through the first three years, being threatened with cancellation on a near weekly basis.
Fast forward 16 years, however, and no such first-time jitters for King Conan. The third and newest host of “The Tonight Show” transitioned smoothly into his new position this week, combining his patented quirky humor with hilarious pre-taped skits.
Throw in Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks, Pearl Jam and Green Day, and it’s been a successful and entertaining two days for “The Tonight Show.”
Conan has even found a little time to make fun of his own network.
“Anything that runs this long on NBC is a smash hit,” he joked on Night No. 2.
Conan replaces Jay Leno as host, who will begin his own prime-time variety show this September.
Conan has quickly improved NBC’s ratings, pulling in a massive 7.1 rating for his much-hyped debut.
Leno generally averaged around a 4.0.
Check out the series’ opening skit below. It’s of Conan running across the country — past Wrigley Field, Amish Country and The Rockies, among other things — trying to make his first show.



conan is the 5th host of the tonight show.  apparently you do as much research for this as you do on your political investigations. 


Conan is horrible!  I watch Bill O'Reilly on Fox News Channel during this time slot.