Ready to party

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


Not a real eventful week last week. I’ve been told I'm always dressed up for the party; I'm just not ready to go. I have six months to prove that I'll be ready for the party when it starts.
My workouts start back up on June 2, so I know I will have a lot to tell you next week.





Your gym buddies are missing you.  I can only imagine how hard you are working at your jobs and the responsibilities you have at home but. . . . I remember how it was when my four kids were at home and I was busy with work and their activities and didn't take the time for me - I didn't come first because I had so much to do. Now, I have made the committment to myself and decided to put me first in the respect that I want to be healthier (a normal BMI) and WOW - what a difference it is making in every aspect of my life. I don't always get to the gym as often as I want but I get in there as much as I can.

I believe you have the desire to change but you might need to rearrange or shift your priorities. As you said stick with this for just another 6 months.  You have a tremendous amount of support out here - and have been given this great opportunity. Please get to the gym. . . I know you felt better when you came to the gym - I could see it in your face.  Just DO IT Girl.

Now Get in here girl -  a sweaty gym buddy


Speaking as a fellow food addict, I can appreciate what you are going through.  I read your previous blog "Confessions of a Drama Queen".  You described me -- perfectly.  Thank God that was in the past.  But I still have a great appreciation for the POWER of an addiction.

Go after this challenge, Kristen, like you never went after it before!  You can do this.  And when stress gets you down.... stop to think about what you DO have -- A job, you have both of your feet and both of your hands.  (Things you don't appreciate until an illness or accident take them from you).  Count your blessings, it is a great stress reducer and takes your mind off of food.

Always remember this... "Nothing tastes as good, as being thin feels".  I know.  I've been fat and I"ve been thin.  I'm much happier being in my normal weight range.

Enjoy the next 6 months -- you'll be more successful that way.  Goood luck!  I'm rooting for you!