Reclaim your dame

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I went to a special event at Midnight Moon metaphysical shop ( in downtown Sandusky on Friday evening.

I loved it!

When it was over, I Ieft inspired! Midnight Moon hosted Marj Rody who presented “Reclaim Your Dame” ( – a one-woman play that was produced for women only. Marj did a fabulous job. Her message was filled multiple pearls of wisdom – enough pearls to do a series of blogs. What captured my interest was her opening.

She asked all of us in the audience to close our eyes, breathe deeply and think about ourselves as a human beings.

Then she asked us to think about our hair to our hips to our feet and everything in between. Did we like our hair? Our skin? Our face? Our shape? our size? Our age? Do we like who we are when we’re alone? How about when we’re in a group? Then she asked us to reflect on what we just said to ourselves. Wow! My conversation with myself wasn’t so good, and I don’t think I was an exception.

But the more important question is why? Could it really be as Marj said, in her talk, women have been socialized into believing themselves as inferior unless they have wrinkle free skin, perfect eyebrows, adorned in diamonds and the latest fashions. Only when they are thin enough are they good enough.  You know this isn’t how it has to be.  You can reclaim your own dame.

Now let me provoke you to ponder what Marj provoked me and the others in the audience to do. Close your eyes, breathe deep and think about your hair, your eyebrows, your skin, your arms, your waist, your hips, your thighs, how you are when you are with a group of people and how you are when your’re alone. Now ask yourself, do you like what you just said?

For those of you who actually took the three minutes out of your life to sit quietly and think about these questions, I would welcome your comments about your experience.   



D M Bretz

As the owner of Midnight Moon I was glad to see your comments via the blog.  Thank You! I have used "positive self talk" for many years. I agree Marje did a wonderful job at getting us to look at ourselves. Midnight Moon has been a place of empowerment for the past 5 years and will continue to bring programs and workshops like this for the community to enjoy. Isn't it interesting when we stop to listen to the things we say about ourselves or to ourselves. I believe it is up to us to recognize the importance of changing this image that so many of us have about how we should act, look, feel, etc. What an empowering feeling it is to look in the mirror and say "Smile You're Fabulous" and mean it.

Marje Rody


Dame Sue,


Thanks to Midnight Moon Metaphysical Shoppe for hosting the debut presentation of “Discovering Your Dame” and thanks to you for attending!


It was a fun evening and The Dame and I are most encouraged that some of our not-so-crazy ideas resonated with you and the other women in attendance.  


If your readers are interested in finding out more about The Dame Project, our website is or contact Dame Donna at Midnight Moon Metaphysical Shoppe.  She is willing to host another presentation/workshop in the Fall or whenever there is sufficient interest.  So to any woman who wishes to take her hag out of the bag and discover her Dame:  please do give Dame Donna a call.  She also has Dame Dare cards available for those who would like to begin (or continue) the discovery on their own.


May we each learn to live and love who we really are, 

Dames (and Hags!) Ragnell and Rody