A Day At Back To The Wild

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Need to take a little break from city politics right now because it's tiring and nerve wracking.  (But don't forget to check out Matt Kline and Craig Stahl's Saturday press release about lawnmowing criminal John Hamilton!  It's a hooooooot!)

Yes, Northern Spotted Owl, they do work on Saturdays.  But only if they're trying to recover from the a PR blunder after America's Roller Coast was mentioned in the Washington Post because SPD officers arrested a man for mowing a public park because the grass was over a foot high.

Okay, really.   I'm done. 


Let's take a visit to a well organized animal rehabilitation center in Castalia:  Back to the Wild.

The kids love Back to the Wild because it's like a zoo - except the animals aren't in captivity for gawkers.  They're in captivity because Back to the Wild is helping them recover from injuries and/or give them a place to live if they cannot survive on their own.  Information about a fundraiser they were holding on Sunday was published on the front page of the Register on Saturday:

People turned out in droves to support:

Parking lot was full...

Obviously a tightly run organization:

With (literally) a wall of support:

And that's why in 2006 Mona Rutger won...

Very interesting place to visit and good place to support.  If you're interested in supporting the cause, especially for the eaglets who fell from the tree recently at NASA, donation information at end of article: