FIT CHALLENGE: Keegan on track to lose 10 pounds this month

Sep 13, 2011


Just finishing up circuit and ready to run my 2 miles. I know that's not that much since FIT Challenge contestant Jacob Mohr begins his workout with a 3-mile run. LOL.

 I'm steadily moving forward and only have a few pounds to lose this month for my 10-pound goal.  I've been eating clean and working out sometimes twice a day. I really want to achieve my goal and with the support I get at home and from friends,w failing would only be my fault.  

I also just got more motivated by watching the Rev 3 triathalon runners that continued down my street until midnight Sunday night. Good job to those who participated. My little daughter spent a couple hours standing in the front yard clapping and rooting the runners on.    My wife and I are tossing the idea around for next year. 

–Troy Keegan


real talk

 Eating at ryans buffet is not a great way to lose weight


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