FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr heads to Chicago; promises to eat light

Sep 13, 2011


This past week went well. I only went to the gym three times. I worked out with my personal trainer Trevor Tieche twice; the other time I attended the new  BOSU class at Bodi N Balance. It went pretty good. I pushed myself in that class and found out that my endurance is a lot better than I thought it was.

 I did well on Saturday during college football, even though Notre Dame lost. I made chicken wings, but I made them the way I was taught by Cary Gilbert who taught my family how to cook different things healthier; they were good. 

Other than that nothing new is going on. I am about 30-35 pounds away from hitting my goal, which is exciting. I am going to Chicago again this weekend. Unlike last time I promise to take it easy. We are close to the end and I cannot afford to slip up now.

–Jacob Mohr



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