City Manager Helps Out Dear City Worker By Hiring $90,000 Assistant

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Meanwhile, they're arresting a city resident who takes the city's long grass into his own hands! 

What was the real reason Kline hired someone to help out the engineering department? 

Read this and weep:

How does Sandusky deal with incompetence?  They create another city employee who will only work 30 hours-a-week for $7,500-a-month without really addressing the reason they supposedly need his advice in the first place!

Even Dan Kaman got sucked into this mistake.  You're wrong on this one, buddy.  Everyone who works for the city should be "economic development specialists."  The city just reversed the effects of the layoffs and now the size of city government has grown.  The city could've hired a top graduate from an elite engineering school to work full time for less than they're paying Hancock.  But those yuppies must gain experience elsewhere before retiring to Sandusky to get cushy jobs with the city.

I just heard that Hancock has released his first piece of $90,000 economic development advice:


Really now.  There's no sense in getting all riled up.  This is just the way we operate in the...

Actually it should be posted backward to represent backward thinking...

There.  That's better. 

You couldn't read it anyway.

Also, I'm no math whiz - but my wife is - and according to her calculations with a rudimentary writing utencil, the money they're paying Hancock to give advice in place of McKillips' incompetence the city could hire...

...19 seasonal employees for the summer months at $10-an-hour to cut the city's freakin' grass.


Karl Hungus-Mr....

When the hell is the Kline-Stahl Braintrust that runs this city going to wake up!!!!!