Going it alone

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010


It was a pretty good week as far as workouts. My personal trainer Trevor Tieche has been busy trying to get his new gym reopened in Mount Vernon, so he wrote workouts for me and I did them on my own.  Two weight workouts and three cardio workouts. I do pretty well without him for the most part, but find I am not quite as focused. I am definitely continuing to gain strength, but have not been on a scale or had any measurements in almost one month, so am a little apprehensive about what they will tell. I feel like I have lost weight or at least inches because my clothes continue to fit more loosely.

The nutrition continues to be a battle, as it will always be. I am eating a more nutritional diet, but have trouble spreading out the intake, so I eat more than I should at one time – usually the evening meal.

On some of the weight exercises, I have more than doubled the weight I use and am doing the same or more repetitions. The other exercises for my core are easier to do, but I have greatly increased the number, as well as the variety I am doing.

I continue to enjoy the workouts and struggle with the diet. Maybe Oprah’s chef, or one of the chef’s from the “Biggest Loser” will come and cook for me or help with meal planning. That would be a terrific help. I can dream, can’t I?

Have a good week – I know I will. I am being inducted into the Port Clinton High School Athletic Hall of Fame on May 29 --- the first person from the swimming program to be honored. My brothers are both coming in from Charlotte, N.C., and New Jersey, and most of my wife’s family will also be there, along with the kids and grandkids. A little nervous about the speech I have to give, but once I get going I will be fine. I’ll report back next week.