Updated: Background On Sandusky Yacht Club Lawsuit Against Sandusky

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


In true knee jerk Sandusky City Commission fashion, the commissioners were about to take an emergency vote on giving away public property to the Sandusky Yacht club.  "No need to examine or consider the ramifications of such a decision," Sandusky Ex-Officio Mayor Craig Stahl didn't say, "Let's have an emergency vote and get this over with!"

Note which Commissioner said, 'slow down and let's think about this:'  (Waddington)

How could anyone think that emergency legislation is a good way to handle an issue like this?  Much less an elected official who supposedly has city resident's interests at heart?

Here's a little background on the whole scenario:

The yacht club is trying to get ownership of the property below boxed in yellow which is referred to as the "Perry Street right of way":

SYC believes the city should vacate it's ownership of the property for -- we don't really know why, because the SYC members already use the area for parking.   Given the SYC's suddenly chummy relationship with John Eymann, the architect turned "developer" of Marina District fame, there might be another plan developing.  Tim Schwanger, of Save Our Shoreline Parks, speculates that the SYC is seeking the property for seemingly innocuous reasons and will then change their development plan for a larger condo building once they own the property because they will need the extra room to allow for the required "setback"  (space between their proposed building and the property line.)

The yacht club sued the city of Sandusky over the city's denial of a 120 ft. height variance to allow their highrise condo (That lawsuit is the reason city commissioners always go into an executive session at the end of commission meetings.)  The SYC wants to replace their current building with a 12-story condo complex which would contain their restaurant, rentals and full time residences for their members.

During the minutes, (read the whole thing, because the back and forth reads like a snot nosed kid begging his parents to let him do something against their better judgement.)  two zoning board members give the reason Sandusky shouldn't have a 12-story highrise on waterfront property:

Forward thinking people are trying to stop any waterfront development which encroaches on public sightlines to the water.  Interestingly enough, Sandusky has a codified ordinance against waterfront development as such:

Just because the city has allowed previous violations of this ordinance does mean it should continue.  Citizens should remind the city of this ordinance because it's frequently ignored.

Update:  The Register has a good video summary of both viewpoints here.

Good laugh:  If you watch the video linked above, you'll hear the SYC spokesman attempt to sell the idea of letting the SYC build more transient docks inside their marina - which would effectively block the waterfront sightline from the Sandusky Bay Pavilion - by claiming that city residents who walk the breakwall at the end of Shoreline park enjoy looking at the boats inside the yacht club more than they enjoy looking at the water!  Bwwwwwahahahaha!

That's got to be the height of arrogance:  "You'd rather watch rich people play on their boats inside our marina than look at the Sandusky Bay, wouldn't ya?

Yeah, I'm sure I'd be looking at the boats.


Karl Hungus-Mr....

Let's say that one would like to join a group like Save Our Shoreline Parks; how would one go about doing this?  Do they have a website?  Do they meet at certain times at certain places?

Oliver Hardy
City Girl

I have to wonder how much junk this joke of a commission would pass were it not for your willingness to attend and participate in these meetings.  Emergency legislation?  Please.  Great article, 411.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

Thank You Mr. Hardy

I have posted that question under past Register Stories....you are the first to answer.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

Wait, WHAT????  They want to build 12 story condos on the Yaht Club property.  You have got to be kidding me.  This condo nonsense is getting out of hand.  I am ashamed that I voted for Stahl, he needs to be voted out in November!


Could this person really believe the BS he is trying to pass off as a reason the YC is holding the city hostage. I don't quite understand what Eyeman's interest in this is. Could it be he knows he is not going to be able to presell his 80 condos but wants to get involved with the YC. How does the city commission equate this as an emergency when they put it off for two weeks. This is the worst commission ever in this town. They do not look out for the citizens only the people who can further their agendas. It is past time for herr Stahl and his gestapo to step aside and let someone who wants to make Sandusky a better place to live, to rule in his place.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

I just got back from the Yaht Club, this is what they had to say:



It would behoove each of us to give Tim a "BIG" Thank You!  Many residents do not know or understand what this whole issue is about; if they really did, they would come out in record numbers to the City's "Special Meeting" ON JUNE 29 @ 6:00 PM AT 222 Meigs and show their opposition to the so-called deal between the City and SYC. 

It's about one man believing he has power to deliver something to another group by running over, through, and around the the citizens of Sandusky.  It is about one man making promises and using whatever means necessary to prove "he's the man!"  Well, as angry as I am about this and all the other issues, the solution is very simple...VOTE HIM/THEM OUT OF OFFICE.  Sad thing is, he just doesn't get it...once the SYC has what it wants, it will kick him to the curb like yesterday's trash - bet he doesn't get one of those "condos" they're trying to build! 

This whole thing just makes me sick!  Americans spoke loud and clear in November 2008 and Sanduskians need to speak equal volumes on NOVEMBER 3, 2009!  I can hardly wait to run to the poll and cast my ballot!


I found it like to someone joking,so serious about all this things

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