McClung Indictment

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Never really liked the guy, but then again I've never met him.  From what I've read he was fiscally irresponsible with Perkins tax dollars - but I'm the kind of guy who won't go shooting because I don't want to pay for the ammo - so paying beaucoup dollars for training ammunition really ticks me off.  That, and remember the time PPD paid (about, not sure, might be more) $2500 to have Lt. Col Dave Grossman come and talk about killing in the line of duty?

When is the last time a PPD officer had to kill someone in the line of duty?  I would think that some department funded private counseling sessions would be more appropriate than having a speaker come in and talk about it with the entire department.  Seems a little macho to me, but that's just me.

Let me see your warface!

Grossman's business plan summed up in 10 seconds: 

Having to kill another human being can really mess you up.  Pay me a bunch of money and I'll come and explain it to you while making you feel macho for being in a career that might require it.


The PPD was raided last year, so everyone pretty much knew this was coming:

The feds don't indict unless they are dang sure of a conviction, so McClung will be fighting an uphill battle.



Looks like the first domino is starting to fall...


I was trying to find out some more information and I found an article that says that this isn't McClung's first time at the rodeo?  He was also charged with theft in office, etc. in 2000 but was acquitted?   Were those charges (from 2000) local charges or federal charges?