Wii are getting fit

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


I think the May 12th issue of FIT magazine was a big hit for me. I have had numerous people that I know come up to me and ask to see my food journal. They also have “yelled” at me.
 The kids and I got a Wii Fit for Mother's Day, and this past week, we tried it out. I love it, although it said my Wii age was 35. The kids got a laugh when it weighed me and the mini me went from a skinny me, to a round, chubby me.
I only had a couple workouts last week because I had to work extra hours so the Wii came in pretty handy.  My time management is starting to improve; eating is coming along; and I am looking forward to being at the gym three days this week, along with exercising outside in the nice weather and playing Wii with the kids.




Get it girllll<3. Keep it up and keep working out and the chubby wii girl will be a skinny wii girl. Just like you're going to be after all of this. You are setting a great example for all of your family and friends. You are my favorite cousin<3 And I love you! Cedar Point and the Beach.. HERE WE COMEEE! hahah,


- Mercedes<3.


I wii too.

You are right - the kids and even my husband are having great fun with it. I am not very good at the balancing parts but  - it gives you extra motivation when you can play too and see the scale go down - even just a bit.

Keep trying - NEVER quit. Just keep going like a little energizer bunny.  Life is hard so there will be things along the way that challenge us. Look at ALL that YOU have accomplished. You are doing GREAT - just KEEP it up.

 Sweaty gym girl 

Karl Hungus-Mr....

Sadly our Wii went to Wii heaven about a month after the warranty expired.