Video: Spotting Junk Cars Is Difficult Sometimes

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


When junk cars - or cars that look like junk cars are in plain sight, the city needs to enforce the junk car ordinance.  The reason the law is in place is to prevent Sandusky from looking like a junk yard.

Sandusky has been doing great lately with the citations for noise and littering, but enforcing those laws are easy because the offenders are easily identified.   Sometimes spotting a junk car is a little more difficult.  Sometimes it takes a super sleuth with a camera who is willing to risk his very life in the worst parts of town -- risking his very life to tell the truth about how the city's junk car ordinance is being violated:

The tags are indeed current, but the vehicle has obviously been unmoved for over 5 days - which is in violation of the city's junk car ordinance:

If you let cars like that sit around in weed covered lots, the city's image problem spreads.

(Thanks to Tim for the tip.)


Karl Hungus-Mr....

At least I have an excuse.  I have been waiting for a response to my emails I sent the city about the golf cart law before I start working on the golf carts that are in my driveway.  It has only been 7 months now, anyday I should get my response.


way to address the hard hitting issues facing sandusky.  that's almost as good as kaman and the crack in the road.  you guys are regular carl mondays, except more annoying.

Bryan Dubois

What would be the "hard hitting issues" facing Sandusky?  (Run off now and don't respond!)