Senior Citizens, Safety and Sandusky

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I’ve been invited by city commissioners Dave Waddington and Dan Kaman to be their guest at the next “Coffee with the Commissioners” on June 6. 

The time is 8:30-ish (yet time to be determined) and location is being decided upon.    

So if you are one of those senior citizens who fit the Social Security Administration’s definition -- age 65 -- or Ohio Department of Aging’s definition of a senior citizen -- age 60+ -- or AARP’s definition -- age 50+, we would like to hear from you!  


According the U.S. Census Web site ( go to then type in the words Sandusky, Ohio in the search window), 16.4 percent of Sandusky’s population is age 65 and older.  In actual numbers, that’s 4,228 older adults out of 25,809 people. Imagine the proportion of older people in Sandusky if the census broke it down by age 60 and older.  

The city commissioners would like to know how safe people in your age group feel living in Sandusky. Very safe, somewhat safe, not safe?  We are most interested in knowing why.  What is taking place/not taking place that makes you feel that way?  If you do feel safe, what can the community do more of to spread that sense of security to a greater degree?  If you don’t feel so safe, what can the community do to fix it?

So mark your calendar now and watch this blog and the Sandusky Register newspaper for further details. In the meantime, please post your comments here -- all perspectives are welcome -- good, bad and indifferent.  

How safe do you feel?  Tell us why.