Secrecy In Sandusky

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010




These attempts at secret meetings are either intentional - or the city commission needs a class on ethics.  If one could figure out the purpose of the meeting with Sandusky International we could figure out if Stahl's claim is likely true or not.  The supposed purpose will undoubtedly sound as right as rain now that the meeting was kaiboshed.  ("It was about economic development!  It was about fixing the city streets!  Honestly!")

Nobody will think that the Mayor is this naive about how his actions look, so Mr. Stahl will have to deal with the perception that he's trying to hide something:

We'll never know. 

The desire for secrecy is standard operating procedure for some Sandusky city commissioners, and the sad thing is that instead of ensuring their conduct is above board, those same commissioners will probably criticize the media for "negativity."

Sad state of affairs in Sandusky city government.  (Gotta love that coffee pot.)


Karl Hungus-Mr....

Who voted for this Warner idiot anyway....oh yeah thats right I forgot.

I guess the real question would be "Who thought that it would be a good idea to appoint a guy that the voters rejected?"