Does That Tree Represent Sandusky?

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


If the concept of maintaining a good public image is not easily understood by city officials, Sandusky will never succeed.

I got into a passionate debate last night with somebody who I consider to be intelligent - and yet I found myself trying to convince him that Sandusky will never make it if they can't step back, identify their problems and work towards solutions.  One of their problems is their image.  And if they can't even identify the simple fact that their city sign is blocked by an overgrown tree, they're doomed.

Once again, what's wrong with this picture:

Is this tree really a  big deal?  To me, yes it is because how many city workers, police, administrators, the city manager himself walk by the front of the city building and don't notice that visitors can't even see the label on the side of the building?

This is such a basic idea - but it demonstrates how people become accustomed to the scenery and don't even notice when it's dysfunctional. 

What's the purpose of a sign if you can't see it?