Don't I deserve better?

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


This week, once again, I am not going to speak about the past week. I will let you know, however, I did work out this past week and, yes, I followed my diet to the best of my ability. May 10 was Mother's Day, so my mom and I went out to dinner.
I want to write about a conversation I had with a close friend. As you all know, I am single, but that does not mean that I do not go out on dates. Being single just means that I am not in a committed relationship at this time.
I have a very close friend that is a male. He informed me that I need to stop dating and focus on my weight loss for the next six months. He feels that once I am thin, I will start to attract a different class of men. He also informed me that he thinks the men I talk with now just want to be friends and they are leading me on. I asked him why he felt this way and his response made my jaw drop, He believes, truly believes, that because I am overweight, I am unable at this time to find a man that would accept me for who I am.
Wow. Is that how all men really think? Is our male society so brainwashed with Victoria's Secret models and Playboy bunnies that they think all women should look like that? If that is the case, I guess I will be single forever. I will never be the 110-pound girl with the long blond hair and breast implants.
For starters, I don't really look good in long hair, and implants, well I might get them, but they wouldn't be in my chest, they would be in my butt. I have no butt. I'm working on one, though. Trust me, I know that seeing a 200-plus woman on the front cover of a bra and panties magazine would make you shriek, but I see that woman every day in the mirror.
I also know, though, only a handful of women in this world who look “perfect.” If being "skinny" makes a person who they are, I'm not sure I would really want to be skinny. Being overweight for most of my life has made me who I am. I'm the girl that makes the fat jokes about myself before someone else can; I'm the girl who will eat pizza and chicken wings in a room full of hot guys and not care what they think. My weight does not define who I am, nor will it ever. My goals, dreams and hopes for myself and my family will be the same when I weight 165 pounds as they were when I weighed 250 pounds. I will not lower the bar when it comes to dating men when I'm 90 or 100 pounds lighter either; they will still be the same. I know that there is a person out there who will accept me for who I am and love me no matter what.




Kristin, this is Jerry M. I worked at "the dealership" with you for a short time. I was doing what I had to do

at the time & hated it. Just wanted to let you know that I wish you the best with your fit challenge. You

always had a smile on your face & were upbeat. You deserve the best & I hope you get it!!


Don't let people put you down. You deserve the best and that's what you're going for. If somebody doesn't like you because of the way you look or your weight than they don't deserve you. And I don't know how somebody could not want to date you. You're beautiful, intelligent, and you have a lot going for you. People just need to grow up and realize what a great girl they are missing out on.

It's not all about being skinny and having big boobs or a big butt. It's about being who you are and the men likeing you, for you! Be you, and don't let men put you down.

Focus on your weight, and working out and taking care of the kids. God put you in this position to make you a better person and a better woman. So don't let somebody, who doesn't care about what you're doing or care about you, put you down. People need to realize that YOU can change the lives of many, many people by doing this.

I love you<3. Mercedes.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

To be honest your "friend" is a true douchebag, pure and simple.  Do not listen to him, I think he showed you his true colors.

Do what makes you happy.

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I would like to say Thank You to all the readers that are standing behind me and supporting me in this struggle to lose weight. The positive comments and do well wishes are very  motivational and greatly appreciated. Again Thank You all so much .... Kristin