I want to eat everything in sight

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010


This was a particularly tough week.

I made three trips back and forth to Columbus and only got three workouts in – one weight workout and two cardio workouts. Between my schedule and Trevor’s schedule, trying to get his new facility up and running in Mount Vernon, we only saw each other briefly.
We are getting back at it this week and my goal is to get in at least five workouts. I have had one short cardio workout, so will need at least four more by the end of the week.
I did pretty well at the beginning of last week with the diet, but the last three days of the week all I wanted to do was eat and drink everything in sight. I did OK Monday so hopefully I am back on track. My clothes are fitting better – wore some slacks I haven’t worn in about two years and I am close to fitting into XL shirts – down from XXXL. I am still most comfortable in loose-shirts, but the slacks I have been wearing for the past two years may have to go pretty soon. Only very small successes this week.