Take the wheel: Work hard to keep your driver's license

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I just finished writing a column for the Sandusky Register newspaper about age-related changes and driving in later life.

It explains that as we age our abilities do change and some of those abilities deteriorate to the point where some people are no longer safe to have behind the wheel of a car.  

Here are some of the age-related changes:

           ·        Reflexes and coordination impairments

           ·        Vision and hearing impairments

          ·         Fatigue

          ·         Mental and cognitive functioning (problem-solving, analyzing information, making quick decisions)

Then it occurred to me, most of these problems don’t occur because of advanced chronological age. These deteriorating changes -- reflexes, coordination, fatigue, mental functioning -- take place as a result of years of adult sedentary lifestyle. (Notice I exclude vision and hearing.) Coordination, reflexes, stamina, mental clarity and depression can be prevented -- or at least significantly delayed -- through physical fitness activities.

So here’s what I’d like to know from you: If there were a fitness course that focused on improving your physical abilities so you could extend the time you can keep your keys and driver’s license as you grow older, would that motivate you to participate in a fitness program? What do you think?