Getting Ahead Of The Campaign Curve

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


An election turn off (for me anyway) in local elections is feeling like I don't really know the candidates.  This is ironic because you'd think that because it's a local election we'd be more familiar because the candidate is from our area.  Not always true.  In national elections you "know" the candidates because of constant media attention, but locally if you don't personally know the candidate, chances are you're casting a vote because you were hooked by name recognition, campaign literature or one of their friend's obligatory letter-to-the-editor.  (Do I really care what his friend says?  I don't know him either.)

Some personal observations:  The upcoming election cycle in Sandusky is going to feature some innovative campaign techniques - much like we saw with Barack Obama:  Blogs, videos and extensive use of the internet.  Hopefully this will help voters know their candidates better than they've ever known them before.

The election talk is already starting in Bellevue.    It'll be interesting to watch...