Seeking people 60 and older who know how to have fun, even if they lack talent

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


Do you know people who know how to have fun?  Let me qualify that. Do you know people age 60 and older who know how to have fun?


Because I’m planning “Senior Fest.”

Senior Fest is a celebration of older age -- 60 years and older!   Age has such a negative connotation – undeserved, too, I might add.  So Senior Fest is all about “debunking” those negative stereotypes by showing people age 60+ “strutting their stuff” at the Senior Fest Talent Show, which will take place at the Erie County Fair August 2009.  So as you can see, we have plenty of time to think of fun-filled acts for the talented – and the untalented, alike.

But I want this Senior Fest Talent Show to be the most unique, the most fun and funny, the most amazing, inspiring and enjoyable event of the day. But to do this, I need your help. Do you know anyone who would be a willing participant? The beautiful thing about this talent show is that it’s OK to not have talent. Just earn an A for effort. Here are some acts that I thought would be worth watching and wouldn’t take “real talent,” just practice. I’m going to list my ideas for acts. Then, I’d like to ask you to share your ideas. Here I go…

·         FEMALE ACT: Lip-sync (or sing) to  “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” AND have a little dance act to go with it while lip syncing

·         MALE ACT: Lip-sync (or sing) to an old “Do-Whop” tune and have the back-up singers do a dance number while singing

·         Clogging Routine

·         Spandex Line Dancers of all shapes and sizes and ages

·         A Beatles Tribute (Dress the part) Act

·         An Elvis Tribute (Dress the part) Act

·         A Woodstock Tribute (Don’t bring the drugs this time) Act

·         MALE ACT: 10 or more meant who dress up as sexy women and do a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders routine

·         A Stand-up Comedian Act (Get your material from your elementary age grandchildren.)

·         A ventriloquist act where the person 60+ has a small child on their knee and they try to appear to be a Ventriloquist

·         FEMALE ACT:  Impersonate World Wrestling Federation Wrestling Match

·         A Break Dancing Act

·         A STOMP Act

OK, readers!

Your mission -- should you decide to accept it -- is to try and top my list of suggested acts for the best Senior Fest Talent Show 2009 – ever!   

AND to help me find the people in this age group to be in the Senior Fest talent show.   

We don’t care what county they’re live in. Any amateur age 60 and over can compete.  

We just need people who don’t take themselves seriously and know how to have fun.




I think that Ms. McKeen & Mr Monoghan ought do a Sonny & Cher Act.  I think Ms. McKeen sings.  I don't know if Mr. Monoghan sings.  If they don't they could lip sync.



If you really want us to have fun, how about:

A bikini or wet  t shirt contest for women 18-35. I gaurantee the Senior men will have fun and appreciate it. Signed: Born 1n 1948.