The Five Million Dollar Sign And The Marina District

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Took the better half downtown earlier tonight and noticed the city changed the welcome sign.  (They removed the part about the imaginary 'marina district.') 

The idea to advertise the marina district on that sign kinda crossed the line from "confidence in vision" to "wishful fantasy" and it looked a little silly.  City officials must've felt the same way after the signs went up?


Tim Schwanger reminded them in an email that the marina district didn't yet exist and that it was a private development that may not go through:

But while the SMA touts Sandusky's "historic waterfront", they publish pictures of this contemporary mammoth view blocker at the bottom of the webpage:

Oh, but the city can explain the incongruency between the two ideas because the "historic district" and proposed 'marina district' are separate.  The Marina District is just one part of Sandusky's downtown - and the "Historic" Waterfront is another part.  Ever stop to think why Sandusky is trying to duplicate Cleveland's "district" mentality?  Sandusky is not Cleveland.  Sandusky has 1/6 of the population and not nearly as much area.  It's too small to have "districts."  What they should be working for is unity not division.   Division will only further complicate local businesses' attempts to present Sandusky as a vibrant happenin' place to be.  You'll have more and more people acting as though they own the waterfront - which is the city's most valuable asset.  The city should be using the waterfront to attract recreation and activities not encourage it's privatization.  Open up and protect the waterfront - don't give it away. 


What would happen if you tried to host an outdoor concert in the Sandusky Bay Ampitheatre (After the Sandusky Bay Pavilion is transformed into a stylish, versatile outdoor gathering place where the Firelands Symphony orchestra could give outdoor concerts) and the ampitheatre got so popular that sponsors wanted to bring back "Rock on the Dock"?  So they bring in the crowds and local bands are rippin' away on their axes.  You know how many condo residents would be bitching about the noise?

Sandusky will condo itself right out of relevency.

Your thoughts...?