Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


This past week was another pretty good week. I weighed in May 4 at 226 pounds. I'm confident that by the end of June, which is the six-month mark, I will be down 50 pounds.
May 3, I was able to wear an XL dress to my daughter's Sidney's first communion. I was very excited. My grandmother told me that I looked sexy. I told her, I wished a man was saying that, but heck, if I looked sexy, I will hear it from whoever wanted to tell me.
I have been journaling a lot more these past couple weeks, and it really keeps me honest. A friend a works tells me every day, "What you eat in private, people will see in public." That statement is all so true. I was also told to never B.L.T .... Bite, Lick or Taste. Just by tasting something, you are adding more calories into your diet that should not be there. I'm learning now, to write down everything I bite.



I'm so proud of you! Keep it up and we WILL be hitting the beach AND Cedar Point this summer. And you will be looking goooood! Haha,


<3, Mercedes