One-third of the way to my goal

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010


This was a great week (April 27 through May 3). I got in five workouts, had a great report from my doctor and had a visit from my brother, who I haven’t seen in several years.
The workouts with my personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance continue to be different and challenging. On April 28, we did a sprint workout outside. We did 10-by-20-yard sprints, then 6-by-40-yard sprints, then 4-by-60-yard sprints, followed by 2-by-80-yard sprints, followed by a jog of more than one-half a mile and finished with several core exercises. I was tired and when I got up in the morning had severe pain in my left heel for most of the day. The pain has cleared up and workouts the rest of the week were more traditional. Cardio workouts on April 29 and April 30 and a back workout on May 1.
My brother and one of his daughters from New Jersey came for a two-day visit on May 1 and we had a very nice visit. They left for home early May 3 and I did my chest workout that  afternoon, followed by taking care of the yard at home, and then I saw a movie with my wife.
My checkup with my doctor went great. I have lost almost 30 pounds since my last visit and my blood pressure was its lowest in many, many years at 104 over 62. He discontinued one of my blood pressure medications and reduced another one – another small, but significant success that can be attributed to the exercise program and the reduction of the salt in my diet.
I continue to struggle with the nutrition portion of the program. I am eating less, but not often enough. People at the gym, work and in the community have been supportive and continue to acknowledge my successes and offer support when I struggle. It is much appreciated. My weight and measurements are at their best levels since beginning this program. I lost all the weight gained in March and a couple of extra pounds and continue to lose inches.
I was hoping for a bigger weight loss, but my personal trainer Trevor seems to feel that I am gaining muscle as I lose the weight. Overall, I am satisfied. I didn’t gain the weight in four months so I guess it is unreasonable to expect to drop that quickly. I am more than one-third of the way to my goal. I know that Kristin has been doing well so I will continue to work hard and keep the competition close.



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Keep trying to eat often.  We don't want to sacrifice the muscle that we are building.  Remember to try to stay away from the gluten as much as possible.  That seemed to have a positive effect.  Most people with Northern European Heritage have Gluten sensitivities.  So blame your parents and don't eat any more bread.