Video: 50 Seconds Of Kaman Sense

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Responsive government isn't something you can change overnight.  It's a cultural type thing that has to be pushed consistently - and not just when an election is around the corner.  (That's actually when you should be watching out for the phoneys.)

City Commissioner Dan Kaman:




This is the type of common sense leaders we need to turn Sandusky around.

While other commissioners grandstand and position themselves for personal motives, Dan willingly and earnestly meets with and solves everyday residences concerns.

Thanks 411 for giving us this example of what to look for in our leaders.



this 411 is such a joke.  what has kaman really done for this city?  he was bought off by cedar point and got rid of the parking tax, without any plan on replacing the revnue.  he has cut down the services so thin, they cannot operate the way that they should.  now he wants to get rid of the boat tax....and you love him for it!!!  any idiot can go cut taxes and "give the people what they want!"  but who has to deal with the consequences?  you have a lot of balls complaining about the grass being too tall, or junk cars sitting somewhere to long.  when you don't have any money to pay for city services, how do you think this stuff gets done?  magic???  he knows that he is a failure (and his lemming waddington) so he has to have someone film him point out a crack to make himself feel better.  the only thing that makes me feel better is that only about 100 people read your horrible blog.

Bryan Dubois

Sandusky doesn't have revenue problems.  They have cost problems.  City employees and government workers always try to push the opposite viewpoint to justify more taxes but an increase won't make a difference if the money isn't spent wisely.

Junk cars and long grass make the city look bad.  That's why city residents need to be aware of this basic marketing idea in order to help maintain the city's image.  The government can't solve Sandusky's problems.  Only city residents can.  The ex-officio mayor runs a marketing firm and yet nobody hears him try to explain these basic ideas to city residents.  It's all in perspective and approach...


sandusky has cut about 50 city jobs over the last 5 years and is still in a deficit despite the cutbacks.  you call that a spending problem?  less city workers=less city services.  kaman and waddington's solution to our REVENUE PROBLEM is to hack away at our city services.  that will forever be their legacy.  the two guys who took back the city for the people, then took away all of their services.  i guess we'll be ok though, because 411 said that he would mow the parks for us, and maybe we can get sharon johnson to fix the potholes.  we know kaman and waddington will be there to pick up trash.  now we just need to borrow somebody's truck to plow snow.