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Mar 23, 2010


Do you have something to say? Say it here.

In a couple days, we're going to launch a blog that will feature anyone and everyone in the community with something to say. Think of it as an uber-letter to the editor. We're planning to call it "Blog for a day."

The idea is this: you submit a blog (and if you'd like, a picture), we make sure it doesn't violate our discussion guidelines, we publish. It'll be on the front page of this website for at least a day, and of course it'll live on within the "blog for a day" blog itself in cyberspace for all posterity -- or at least till our servers are obsolete. Ha ha.

I'm excited to see what people have to say. If the comments on this site are any indication, they've got a lot. And we're here to help you say it. The way I see it, a core part of our purpose is to provide a channel for the voices of the people in this community.

So if you have something to say about this community, or about the world -- say it. If you have a problem with something we said or did, go for it. If you want to let people know about an important issue, or if you want to tell the rest of us about your community organization or event, let us know. If you just want to tell us about a funny thing your son or daughter did the other day, we can't wait to hear it!

Use the contact form on my profile to send us your blog. Be sure to include contact info and it's best if you're logged in so we have your username to post it under.

I look forward to reading it.


Karl Hungus-Mr....

I apologized for my earlier posts in the forum.  The above idea may just be a good one.  I just have one problem, do you have to submit a picture?  I do not want to drive your web traffic away.


Oliver Hardy
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Mr. White, I posted on the Reese Wineman story and then tried to sign off (cleared my cookies) but I could not. After several attempts, I got the above message. I never had problems before until your new and improved site took effect. But I had to sign in again to post this message even though I was not able to log out on the Wineman story. I am not complaining as it may appear that I am. I am only trying to help. Others may be experiencing the same INTERMITTENT problems that I am. On a personal note, I see that you have a photo up in the forums. I tried to enlarge it but could not. It looks like you with an enlarged Sonny Bono haircut. Or is that part of a watermelon on your head? Hey, I am only funning with you. Us old people like to poke fun at younger people.



TEST only a TEST

 I also got the SPAM FILTER again and see the "security image" and will try to decipher the crude scribbles that resemble letters and numbers. SALUTE!


I'm sorry that's confusing you. Unfortunately, one outstanding issue with the new system, which we did not anticipate, is that some browsers don't cooperate with the logout script on the news side, but they all do on the blogs/forums side.

So I think the following is prolly happening to you: you logout. It actually logs you out of blogs and forums, but news holds onto it. But then you try to log out again, but you're already logged out of blogs and forums, so it throws an error and, walla! Access Denied.

Sorry, and we're going to make it all better, but it might be a few more months yet. Just try not to log out at all in the meantime. ;)

And here's a higher res. version of my avatar, just fyi...

Bryan Dubois

Posting that probably wasn't a good idea.