Understand the politics to invoke change

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I found some wise words by Terry Pickeral. He authored a power point presentation I found that said “…it is not enough simply to be born into a democracy; individuals must learn to engage in democratic action if they are to continue to govern themselves.”  

With this economic downturn, I wonder if more people are feeling provoked to become civically engaged and contribute to a movement that will re-make America into positive and progressive nation once again.

I’m a searching soul when it comes to my own personal politics. By politics, I’ll use the definition I like best, “The process by which groups of people make decisions.” So I have begun to do some personal research of my own. I attended the local Republican Party’s meeting in April, and I attended “Obama’s Listening Tour” May 4. 

So if you have a desire to understand the politics behind change, let me share some places you can go to begin your search for your political values and then…get involved!

Go to the:

          ·          Ohio Republic Party Web site and click on the button that says "County Parties."

          ·          Ohio Democratic Part Web site and click on the button that says "Counties."

          ·          Organizing for America Listening Tour - Laborers Hall (Sandusky, OH)  1205 West Perkins Ave, Sandusky, OH 44870, 7 -9 p.m. May 6.

          ·          Northwest Ohio Libertarian Meet Up Group Web site.

          ·         Independent American Party Web site.

          ·        Independent Voting.Org  Web site.

This list is far from complete. So feel free to comment on other political groups you believe people should consider then tell us why!