FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr says goodbye to 'big and tall' section

Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 9, 2011


This past week sucked. Having to work a lot, long shifts and trying to work out twice a day is hard and my eating schedule is all messed up.

I still found a way to work out, though. Margaretta's weight room has been opened for me by a family friend and a old teacher of mine.

I also worked out with Trevor twice and Kathy (Trevor's mom) once for my other workouts.

There were a couple of bright spots this past week. I had to go shopping for some new clothes for a wedding and I got them from the normal-sized part of the store instead of the big and tall section. Also I had to wear jeans for work and they were falling off even with a belt on. 

-Jacob Mohr





Great Job Jake...keep up the hard work!!


thanks for the post...


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