Westerhold At It Again

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


He can't resist giving the finger to the Sandusky Police Department, can he?

In this case Westerhold asks Sandusky city resident/former police chief Kim Nuesse to be the crime prevention expert at the SR's solutions town hall forum meeting.  And just in case the SPD didn't get the message that Westerhold would rather have Nuesse there than the acting police chief or any of his subordinates, he says this:


Nuesse is quite the communicator, but does Westerhold always hafta throw his set in da air, like he just don't care?  He can be such a D-Bag sometimes.

This would be an appropriate time to share this information with Sandusky city residents:

During a conversation last week with acting Sandusky police chief/Huron resident Charlie Sams, I learned that of the 14 command officers in the SPD - only 2 live in Sandusky.

And guess how many Sandusky police detectives live in Sandusky?


This, of course, is perfectly legal and city residency is not required of the police command structure.  The Sandusky city charter requires that only the chief of police is required to live within city limits.

But what does it say about the city of Sandusky?