Ask Away

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010

I understand that some people are curious about my previous relationship with Elsebeth Baumgartner.  Initially I didn't want to get into that subject matter because it creates an endless back and forth type argument that serves no purpose.  However, I realize some people have legitimate concerns or curiosity, and with clear answers their concerns can be addressed.

Oliver Hardy suggested that I allow people to ask their questions, but I do have a few issues with the request:

Please consider the bizarre legal implications created by interacting with the spouse of the person who was convicted of intimidating my family.  Interacting with that person in any sense - especially over the internet - is extremely unwise.  I'm not going to do it. 

So I'll make a deal with all readers:

If you ask a question about the subject matter out of curiosity and good faith, I'll answer it.  I won't answer questions that are obviously coming from people who have already formed an opinion and are only using the opportunity to lash out.


Oliver, ask away.


Bryan Dubois


Poll the witnesses. 

Each one will testify to the fact that she popped a handful of pills, announced that she overdosed - and after she was taken away for medical attention a Cuyahoga County Deputy Sheriff stuck his hand with a needle from inside her purse.

It felt like an episode of Law and Order.  If I can't tell you what color the carpet was inside the courtroom or where the purse was after this all transpired, chalk it up to the fact that it was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life.

Julie R.

Wow! Did this ever turn into a mess!

Once again and for the record, Cross, I do not know Elsebeth Baumgartner or anybody in her family. Neither does anybody post under Julie R. but me. Neither do I post  under any other name but Julie R.  Neither do I know the identity of any of the commenters on here with the exception of 411 but I do have my suspicions as to who John Doe is. Could be right but then I could be wrong.

As to why I formed my opinion that Elsebeth Baumgartner was railroaded----I think I have told why a hundred times over and I'm not going to repeat it again.  I also will never change my opinion about Elsebeth Baumgartner..........and for absolute certain I will never change my opinion about this County's corrupt legal system.


Bryan Dubois

Okay...guys, I think we're the butt of a pretty good hoax.  Anybody with me on this?


Since you are obviously me, I'm forced to concur with myself that this is all an elaborate ploy.

Julie R.

Oh, come on , Mr. DuBois----looks who is being a conspiracy theorist now. John Doe knows who I am. Didn't he say somebody from the courthouse told him?  And if John Doe knows who I am then he also knows everything I have said about this county is the truth!  And I haven't even told it all. You and John Doe aren't doing anybody a favor by hiding corruption or calling people "conspiracy theorists and as nutty as Elsebeth Baumgartner".

Bryan Dubois

Well this hoax has gone on long enough and I admit that I really thought you were serious.  :)  Good one.  I used to get a kick out of flaming people - and it does take skill to keep them going.  You have to back off just a tad or people catch on.  :)  Good one though.  Once I realized what you were doing I had to laugh.  This is the line where you gave it away:  I also will never change my opinion about Elsebeth Baumgartner..........and for absolute certain I will never change my opinion about this County's corrupt legal system.

John Doe

Count me in Brother ! ! ! !    I'm with ya! ! !

Now Brother, about that family meeting...........................................

John Doe

YES! !   Now everyone can see that all three of us agree with ourselves! ! ! !  This is indeed astonishing ! !  (It is bloody scary too wouldn't you say there O'le Cross, O'le boy?).    Think about it;  all three of us, separate individuals, yet one (because Julie R and a few others say so) all have the same opinon!  Now how many times has THAT happened in society where 3 people had the same opinon?   Not very often, and yet, you have it right here on this very blog! !   Simply AMAZING! ! ! ! ! ! !

Julie R.

You claim you know who Julie R. is and if so then you must know her case is totally unrelated to the Baumgartner case. So why don't you name one thing that Julie R. has said in these blogs that isn't the truth? Can you?

I also know that this County's legal system is using the Baumgartner case to its full unlawful advantage. People are being prohibited from filing legitimate complaints because of fraudulent acts committed by attorneys. Well, they don't really PROHIBIT the filing of complaints because they know they can't do that. They prohibit and violate a person's rights instead by refusing to address the complaints. Would you consider this to be unethical, dishonest, unfair or would this be considered illegal? 

Bryan Dubois

John Doe, Cross, and myself:  How are you three doing tonight? 

Myself:  I'm doing fine.  Thanks for asking!

Cross:  How have things been going?

Myself:  Oh good.  You know, living the dream.

John Doe:  Good, good.  Glad to hear that.

Oliver Hardy

Wow, 68 posts!

I abandoned this blog because it went off topic. I had about 50 more questions for 411 but they can wait for now. John Doe wrote: " Now how many times has THAT happened in society where 3 people had the same opinon?   Not very often, and yet, you have it right here on this very blog! !   Simply AMAZING! ! ! ! ! ! !

Mr. Doe, Have you read the signatures on the Bill Of Rights, The Declaration Of Independence and other documents? What about the agreements of all those in favor in the Congressional Record? Mr. Doe, I have come to the conclusion that you belong to the Dumbing Down Of America crowd.

Bryan Dubois


I'm sorry for not answering your questions.  If I get too many at once I admit that I pick and choose which ones I answer based on which ones I think are relevent.


Which ones didn't I answer?

John Doe


That last post of mine was a little sarcastic humor.

Julie R.

Oliver Hardy is right. This blog has turned into a train wreck so why don't you shut it down? It 's beginning to sound like the blog with Buff & Company and their grade-school Christmas carols about Elsebeth and her husband.

Oliver Hardy seems to have a lot of common sense. Even though I can see a distinct unfair pattern in the Baumgartner case and my own Probate case, ( to a much lesser degree of course ) I will not "cheapen" Oliver Hardy's forum by taking away from the topic of Elsebeth but I will be anticipating your answers to his questions.

One more thing------as I have stated numerous times I never even knew that much about the Baumgartner case until I started reading the SR blogs,  which I believe was right about the time Kim Nuesse was fired. So sorry,  but you are wrong once again, because  my opinion of the Erie County legal system was well before that.

Julie R.

Like it or not Bryan DuBois and his buddies have proven my point. I noticed how they all brought up the so-call idiosyncrasies of Elsebeth Baumgartner----none of which were criminal----but nobody brought up Baumgartner's allegations of corruption that were criminal.

This is exactly how the Eeeeerie County legal system worked in my   case. Instead of addressing the real issue of criminal acts committed by attorneys and others right from the start they created a half a dozen other issues in the form of scams and conspiracies to cover it up!

This County is a joke-----only the joke isn't funny.

John Doe

I have already stated (for the record) how I supported EB and believed in what she was doing for the most part in this forum thread as well as other threads over the past couple of years on SR blogs.   It wasn't that I didn't agree with the basis of her legal system corruption theories; it was her tatics and behavior that I grew to object to.  The way she went about fighting this "war" was completely wrong.  Read the above thread that I reference to get my full take on it.

I also know that Mr. Dubois feels the same way in many respects that I do; after all we are 2 separate people, yet one (according to Buckeye04, Julie R and a few others).  The way I know he and I are like minded is because I have discussed this (in person) in the past with Mr. Dubois (because we are brothers and we talk alot about  "family business.").

As for Cross, even though he is part of me.....and Mr Dubois.....and.........that makes me and Mr. Dubois part of Cross.......and Mr. Dubois part of me and Cross..........(again according to Buckeye04 & Julie R and a few others).......but he isn't a brother, but he could be.......or perhaps a cousin.......or aunt, uncle, niece or nephew........I can tell by his posts that he is of the same opinion as Mr. Dubois and myself.   (Geez, this is so complicated; I hope I got that right !).


In all likelihood some of her allegations of corruption were valid. Nobody is arguing that point. As someone who has lived in many places, there is a lot of corruption out there. Sadly, most of it is either legal or entrapped in the good ole boy network. However, she also filed a lot of documents that attacked a lot of people without proof.  She initially made a good point, but it was lost due to her actions.

The problem here Julie R. is you forgive her illegal behavior because she initially had a good point. I've asked you twice before and you've failed to answer, Do you have any problems with anything Elsebeth did?

The bottom line is the ends does not justify the means, and the problem here is you see no wrong in Elsebeth's behavior, which really indiciates to me <us?> that there is either more to this story concerning yourself, or you really don't care to discuss this, and are just using this as a hoax.

I think this story is sad becase Elsebeth is a brilliant woman, and this resolution while just is a waste.

Anyways, this is probably my last post on this subject. While it has high entertainment factor, it's as dangerous as discussing abortion or religion due to the high amount of emotions it invokes, and without the chance of accomplishing much.


John Doe
YES ! ! !  AMEN BROTHER (or cousin, or niece, or nephew, or whatever).  I couldn't agree with you more!  You hit the nail squarely on the head with that post! ! !  GREAT post! 

But then, I'm only saying that because he is me, and I am him............or something like that...................

Julie R.

I noticed how you are avoiding my questions. You claim somebody at the courthouse told you who Julie R. is so please name one thing that has been said that isn't the truth. (and I haven't even told it all) Also, how does a victim of theft through criminal acts committed by attorneys and others  (including two financial institutions) make the victim of the theft "a conspiracy theorist and heading down the same path as Elsebeth Baumgartner"?

Sorry, but  nobody will ever convince me that Baumgartner wasn't railroaded because I know first-hand how  corrupt the legal system in Erie County is.


Julie R.

You say that in all liklihood  some of Baumgartner's allegations of corruption were probably valid.......

SOME ? I'm willing to bet it was ALL.

You ask if I have a problem with anything Elsebeth Baumgartner did? No, I do not. But I sure have a problem with the Erie County legal system. When you have elected judges in a county (two anyway) that actually FLAUNT how dishonest and unfair they are-----sort of like "I'm the judge and I can do anything I want  and there's nothing you can do about it"-----you're living in a County that's flat-out corrupt!