The City's Non-Answer On Nuesse Insurance Costs

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


What this information is supposed to mean, I'm not sure because it's a non-answer to serious questions about the overall cost of the Nuesse debacle.

From the city's website:

If this is supposed to make people feel like the city is easing up the information lockdown, it's not working.

In early March, Jason Singer asked these questions of the commission and they went unanswered.

They remain unanswered:

Just my perspective:   The reason the city is trying to hide this information is because the consensus around town is that the money was foolishly spent. 

And you gotta love this part underlined in yellow:

The facts behind Nuesse's sexual harassment suit against Kline have nothing to do with the "facts" Kline used to fire her.  That's spin.

And now for a word from our sponsors:

Voiceover:  This litigation brought to you by city manager Matthew I-Admit-That-I-Put-My-Hands-On-Nuesse's-Shoulders-But-It-Was-Not-Meant-To-Be-Demeaning-Or-Paternalistic Kline.


Julie R.

If anyone has ever taken the time (most people don't)  to read the complex  brief overview of all insurance policies----for example your homeowner's policy----and then compare it to the coverage in the actual policy you will find out how misleading the brief overview  really is.