The American culture: Daily behaviors that reap dangerous results

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


There’s a great Web site called “Ted Ideas Worth Spreading."  It features exceptional people, people who think exceptional thoughts and people who do exceptional works. 

The one I just finished watching was by Chris Jordan. He is an artist/photographer. You’ve got to watch it! 

He wanted to take “data” and put it into an art form so the viewers could feel what our American culture is creating for itself. How he expresses our culture’s numbness to its consumptive behaviors is masterful. According to the statistical information that the artist provides while giving his digital art exhibit, American behaviors are reaping the following dangerous results:

- 4 million plastic cups used on airline flights per day – then trashed

- 40 million hot beverage cups per day – then trashed

- 2.3 million Americans are in prison

- 400,000 people die per year for cigarette smoking

- 213,000 hospital E.R. visits per year attributed to the use/abuse of prescription medications

- 384,000 women per year get elective cosmetic breast augmentation surgery. It’s becoming the most popular high school graduation gift in the United States.

How did it ever come to this?  By that I mean our throw-away society – cups and people (a.k.a. prisoners); How did we get to marketing and selling addictive products that bury our feelings -- and even kill? 

And how did we get to the point where our culture sees it as an act of love to pay someone to stuff silicon sacks beneath the nipples of young women -- women who have been led to believe their upper body is so inadequate or so unattractive the way it is naturally, that a surgical remedy is an act of kindness. 

How did we get like that?  

What I liked best about his exceptional presentation is when he posed the questions, “How do we change? How do we take responsibility for the one piece that we are responsible for?  How do we change the one thing we have control of – our own behavior?”



Just curious....

Anyone out there click and watch the Chris Jordan presentation on Ted? 

Dale from Webelos

 The Amushunkwa Indians have a saying, "I wish I had a 1000 tears for everytime I've had to pick up s styrofoam cup."